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We will be closed for Spring Break. Resume shipping on 4/10/23. Thank you!
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Noopsyche K7v2 Operating Instructions


First we want to thank you for your purchase of the most affordable quality light on the market today. In the next few minutes we will have your new light ready to grow coral by following a few simple steps.

The first thing we must do is familiarize our self with the controller and basic navigation.

  • Take the controller out of the packaging and use the included usb power cord to plug it into a wall outlet. This will ensure we have full power during the setup procedure.
(*****Attention***** The controller does have a battery and can be used wireless to make quick changes to a setting but we recommend operating it while plugged into a power outlet)
  • When the controller is plugged in for the first time we see the following


  • Lets start by setting the time on the controller to our current time. The controller uses a 24 hour time and not 12 hour time. The chart below shows this
  • To set the time press the round dial(selector dial) to highlight the T
  • With the T highlighted as in the image above press the selector nob once more to enter the set time screen
  • Using the dial on the remote turn it left or right to set the desired hour the click the dial to set the correct minute. Once the time is set the controller will go back to the main screen after a few seconds.
Light setup and control


     Now that we have the time set let's bind the controller to the light. In order to bind the controller the water proof power connector on the light has to be assembled correctly.

    The two power connectors look like this:

    With some force press the two ends together as to form a seal (***Attention***  This is a very tight fit and will take some force) After assembly it should look like this:

     Now that the power cord on the light it correctly assembled the light can be plugged into a wall socket for the first time. When the light is plugged in the indicator light on the front will be either red or blue.

    If the indicator is blue press the button on the bottom of the light next to the indicator one quick press and the indicator will be blinking blue showing that it's ready to bind with the controller.

    If the indicator is red press and hold the button till the indicator is solid blue then press the button with a quick press and it will then blink blue.

    Now the light is ready to be connected to the controller. A few things need to be done before we connect the controller to the light.

    • The indicator is blinking blue on the light so we can now plug in the controller to a wall outlet.
    • With the controller plugged in we are presented with the main screen as seen earlier. Press the controller dial and this will highlight the T and then rotate the dial to the right to highlight K7.
    • With K7 highlighted press the controller dial and it will take us to this screen (This screen may look like the one here or it may say SPS, LPS or LPS/SPS) This is not a concern as we will change this soon enough.
    (***Attention***) During the next few steps make sure you are not looking at the light as it can cause damage to your eyes when it comes on.
    • When at the screen above press the controller dial to highlight the M at the bottom and rotate the nob to the right till the H is highlighted and press the controller knob til the indicator on the light changes from blinking blue to either a solid red or solid blue.(if you have more than one light do all the steps above for each light)
    Once the controller is synced with the light scroll the controller dial to the left and this will highlight the M on the bottom row then press the dial and it will bring you to the settings for manual control. It should look something like this:
    If you press the controller dial it will highlight either a letter or a percentage. With one of the percentages highlighted turn the control dial to the left to lower the percentage or to the right to raise it. The light will respond in real time and the colors will change as different percentages are entered.
    B=Light blue
    C=Dark blue
    Now that we know our way around the controller and what the different letters stand for it's now time to set a proper lighting schedule.
    Making a daily lighting schedule 
    The K7 Pro2 has the ability to make a daily schedule and slowly ramp up as the day begins and down as night comes. The K7 can do this at 7 points during the day.
    The controller comes with settings already loaded but we want to do our own as to make the most of our lights. For an example let's select K7 from the main menu and go to the programming screen so we can set a automatic program using the following schedule:
    • A- should be highlighted as shown below
    • Select A then highlight SPS/LPS(we are only doing this to show how to enter a daily schedule. It doesn't matter what you choose whether it's SPS,LPS,or SPS/LPS as no matter what is chosen we are going to change the numbers.)
    • Now select SPS/LPS and that will take us to the daily programming. Use the dial to go to setting 1 and enter the setting we have for it as shown above. (Attention)Setting 1 has to be set to either 1 or 0 as any higher and it will cause problems for  setting 7. If it set to zero as we have it then the lights will slowly ramp up(get brighter) going to setting 2.
    • Now go back up and highlight setting 1 and turn the dial to the right and we can go to setting 2.
    • On setting 2 the we have entered the values as shown in the chart now lets do all the rest of the setting as we did from setting 1-2.
    • Setting 7 is our last setting and must have all numbers set to 0 or the lights will not turn off. 
    Once setting 7 is set hold the controller dial button in till it goes to the main screen. Once at the main screed the lights are now set to run the given schedule that we entered.
    This schedule is one used as a example so now with the knowledge on how to set up a schedule change them to what you want.  
    If you need any further help please use our support email
    Or you can visit our Facebook group