AquaChar - 8 Cups 400 gallons
AquaChar - 8 Cups 400 gallons
AquaChar - 8 Cups 400 gallons
AquaChar - 8 Cups 400 gallons

AquaChar - 8 Cups 400 gallons

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What AquaChar does:

  • AquaChar naturally buffers pH: Over the first few days (sometimes weeks) AquaChar starts to balance the aquarium pH
      • Freshwater: keeps 7.5-7.8 – This may vary depending on decoration, bioload, and substrate choices
      • Saltwater: keeps between 8.1-8.4 – prevents crashing from nighttime CO2 build up creating a balance for fish and corals
    • AquaChar works for several months: Effective useful life of AquaChar is typically 3-6 months (or more, depending on bioload). When particles appear, add the new dose to existing AquaChar to increase the size of your waste management!
    • AquaChar has a negative ionic charge: Broken down organics (which are positively charged) are the cause of most water clarity issues. The negatively charged ions in AquaChar magnetically attract fine particulates, creating crystal clear water in 12-48 hours.
    • This creates a smorgasbord: The substructure of natural pores and fiber of trees is preserved in AquaChar. This results in a massive available surface area; one (1) gram of Aquachar has the same surface area as 20 bioballs, making AquaChar the ideal support system for beneficial bacteria to colonize upon.
    • Which creates a “septic system”: Once AquaChar is colonized with beneficial bacteria, the negative charge allows for a more on demand absorption and breakdown of organics which stabilizes ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates.
    • AquaChar reduces surface algae: The negative charge of AquaChar also attracts algae that can otherwise easily establish and build up on the interior surfaces – resulting in less frequent cleaning.

We recycle resources from the Earth to create a safe product which uses Nature’s power to maintain your aquarium with optimal stability and clarity.

AquaChar is not a chemical or synthetic product and provides a natural alternative to activated carbon.

* bioballs =1.5m2/g, Aquachar = 32 m2/g. Current AquaChar surface area might be higher as the process has been refined to produce a lighter product

How to use AquaChar:

AquaChar can be used in or with a variety of filtration systems; it can be placed in a hang-on-back filter, inside a canister filter, in a sump, inside a filter sock, inside a media bag, in a media reactor, or just about anywhere with flow.

We recommend rinsing new AquaChar thoroughly before use; however, any residual dust is not harmful to your aquarium and will simply settle inside your filter.

The simplest implementation of AquaChar is to place it in a mesh bag, then place the mesh bag inside a canister filter or sump.

AquaChar will initially float but will start to sink as it absorbs water and fills with organics.

Recommended Dosing: 

The recommended dose for AquaChar is oned (1) cup per 50 gallons of water.

Every individual aquarium is a unique system, and each user might desire a different set of results. It is important to monitor your parameters whenever making any adjustments to see how your system responds.

The recommended dosing works for most aquariums but can be adjusted depending on your specific needs and/or desired results.

If you have concerns about how your system might react, start with a smaller dose and build up the dosage over time until you obtain your desired results. Some see desired results use AquaChar at half the recommended dose and change it more frequently.

If you wish to discontinue using AquaChar, do so by removing small portions over an extended period, which will help to maintain stability as the aquarium adjusts to the changes.

Pro Tips:

While most see pH stability in the first few days it can sometimes take a couple weeks.

Performing the monthly maintenance on your AquaChar offers a limited regenerative effect that will maximize the effective lifespan. Briefly rinse excess organics off the surface of AquaChar using some old aquarium water, and return the AquaChar to your aquarium.

When it is time to change your AquaChar, leave the old AquaChar in place with the new AquaChar; this allows beneficial bacterial to quickly populate the new AquaChar, retaining the stability of your system.

Using AquaChar in a reactor is the best way to control the flow rate across the media and achieve the desired results for your specific system; optimizing the flow rate for your system increases the useful life of AquaChar. When using AquaChar inside a reactor, start with a slow flow rate, then gradually increase flow over time until the desired results are achieved; do not go beyond a moderate flow.

When using AquaChar in conjunction with a protein skimmer, some adjustment might be needed (at least initially) in order to prevent excessive nutrient export. We recommend running a protein skimmer less aggressively (or “dry”) for at least the first 3-7 days after adding AquaChar to your system, then make further adjustments as necessary.

If when adding AquaChar you don’t see the pH adjustment you expect, it’s typically caused by excess CO2 build up from external factors that exceeds AquaChar’s slow-release. Typically this is due to gas exchange caused by high turbulence, over-sized skimmer, lack of fresh air inside, etc. These can typically be fixed by putting the skimmer on a timer and/or running airline outside to provide fresh air. There are benefits to running AquaChar in a reactor and only run it at night (when the display tank lights are off) to minimize the overnight pH drop.

If you have any questions about use please feel free to reach out.